Who can apply?

The course is designed for two types of audiences:
  1. Policy makers, academics and other stakeholders who deal with international economic issues. They formulate and implement economic policies in the trade, finance, investment areas and aim to achieve national development objectives. This also includes economic policies directed towards small and medium sized enterprises, the development and organization of trade logistics and those who deal with science, technology and innovation matters as they impact economic growth and development objectives of the country. This audience attends the three week regional courses that are organised in Africa, Asia-Pacific, countries with economies in transition, Latin America-Caribbean and Western Asia.
  2. Geneva-based delegates who work at the Permanent Missions and follow the work of UNCTAD and the WTO.

Geneva-based delegates need only to sign up for the short courses when these are advertised on the website. No selection process is undertaken for attendance.

Participants for the regional courses will be shortlisted for selection if they:
  • Have an advanced degree in economics, business, international relations, international law or public administration. A first degree with proven relevant work experience may also be accepted if places on the course are available;
  • Have a minimum of four to a maximum of six years of relevant professional experience in a national public administration, an international or regional development organization, a private institution, university or research institute dealing with the above-mentioned areas;
  • Are in a position to use and disseminate the information and knowledge acquired during the course: it is desirable therefore for participants to remain in relevant positions for a sufficient time after the course so that the skills and knowledge gained are disseminated to the fullest extent possible in their workplace;
  • Have good working knowledge of English, the official language of the course.
  • Send their applications through the relevant Ministry and/or University to the Permanent Mission of that country based in Geneva.
  • Without the endorsement of the Ministry/University and the country's Permanent Mission in Geneva, the application is not considered for selection.
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