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Short courses for Permanent Missions in Geneva
Information and Communications Technologies for Development: The Cloud Economy and Developing Countries
Palais des Nations, Geneva (Room XXV)
Wednesday, 23 April 2014 (10:00 to 13:00)

This short course will look at how the evolving landscape of information and communications technologies (ICTs) is opening new opportunities for countries to address development challenges. Cloud computing is one example that offers the potential for enhanced efficiency and innovation. However, options for cloud adoption in low- and middle-income countries look different from those in more advanced economies. While free cloud services such as webmail and online social networks are already widely used, the scope for cloud adoption is much smaller. In particular, the gap in availability of cloud-related infrastructure between developed and developing countries is widening, especially vis-ร -vis the least developed countries. In addition, many developing countries also need to consider how to address legal and regulatory concerns related to cloud use and cross-border data transfers.

This course will draw on the Information Economy Report 2013: the Cloud Economy and Developing Countries to examine recent trends and explore how governments and their development partners can leverage cloud computing. Special emphasis will be given to the infrastructure challenges involved and to relevant legal and regulatory issues, for example related to data protection, privacy and cybercrime. Information will furthermore be provided on how UNCTAD can support developing countries in this area.

Delivered by: Division on Technology and Logistics

From 10 am to 1pm


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