Session document

Short courses for Permanent Missions in Geneva
Organised by the Division on Globalization and Development Strategies
Finance for development and the post-2015 agenda
Palais des Nations, Geneva (Room XXVI)
Friday, 15 May 2015 (10:00 to 13:00)

The international development community is currently engaged in discussions that will have profound implications regarding financing needs and modes over the next 30 years. Both sustainable development goals and negotiations on a global agreement to curb climate change imply economic and structural transformations, for which the financing gap is huge. The Third International Conference on Financing for Development, to be held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in July 2015, is expected to provide ideas on how to bridge this gap, in developing countries in particular. This course will address related issues, recognizing that new ideas will be needed that are flexible enough to meet the financing challenges of countries with very different circumstances, in an increasingly multipolar world. The course will provide a brief historical overview of critical trends, including the establishment of the Bretton Woods system, its breakdown and its replacement by finance-driven globalization, which has been characterized by shocks, crises, speculation and debt-driven growth. The second part of the course will focus on policy reforms that can help to finance the transformations envisaged under sustainable development goals and in the negotiations on climate change, in order to create a more stable and equitable global new deal. Participants will be encouraged to share their experiences and views.

Delivered by:  Division on Globalization and Development Strategies

From 10 am to 1pm


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