UNCTAD flagship course on Key Issues on the International Economic Agenda

Course UNCTAD's flagship course addresses the analytical and policy challenges that policy makers, Geneva-based delegates and other stakeholders from developing and transition economies face in promoting inclusive and sustainable growth and development. Managing these challenges helps their countries to integrate into the rapidly globalizing economy in ways that are beneficial for all countries. The course is based on UNCTAD's development perspective and focuses on the linkages between trade, finance, investment, technology, logistics and macroeconomic policies in the context of major economic trends and debates in multilateral fora. It emphasizes the various approaches that countries have taken to derive maximum development gains. The curriculum is complemented by the expertise of the various UN Regional Commissions.

"Paragraph 166" refers to paragraph 166 of the Bangkok Plan of Action adopted at the 10th UNCTAD Conference in Thailand, 2000. The mandate was renewed at the 11th and 12th Conferences in Sao Paolo, 2004, Ghana, 2008 and Doha 2012 respectively.

Between 2001 and 2013 UNCTAD successfully delivered over 28 regional and 2 general courses.

In 2014, courses will be offered for countries with economies in transition and Western Asia.

Short courses for Geneva-based delegates will begin in October 2014. Register now

The videos of the Spring 2014 sessions are now available on line here

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Picture of William Taborda
P166 Regional Courses Facebook Group
by William Taborda - Wednesday, 26 November 2014, 3:00 PM

For all our alumni we have created a a Facebook Group where we share stories, pictures and insides from all of what is happening with the P166 Programme. We invite to be part of it and share your share: P166 Regional Courses Facebook Group


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